Stylised Flowers
Style B (or style C for longer inscriptions), H,
Continental (Bruges) and Square bobbins
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These images give a sample of our stylised floral motifs available in eight colours.
Dependent upon the length of any inscription, we will send your choice of colour(s) from the selection available in stock at the time of your order.
For over 40 years we have used the 'Lace Day' floral design for our lace day commemorative bobbins. They are also suitable for longer inscriptions and commemorating lace courses etc.
The 'Diamond' floral bobbin is ideal for commemorating anniversaries and birthdays. The appropriate number is inscribed within the diamond shape formed by the 3 flowers with the remainder of the inscription added along the barrel. Colours: Red, White/Silver, Yellow/Gold and Mauve.
Finally. Floral 'Crosses' are used to commemorate christenings, confirmations and
in memoriam. Colours: Blue, Paink and Mauve.

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Please note that these motifs are painted on a curved surface and therefore the picture may not show the complete image.