Decorated Birch Bobbins (Motifs)
Click on thumbnails below for images of our standard painted motifs.
(For Continental and Square Bobbins click here.)

These bobbins with a polished head and neck are pyrographed and hand painted with enamel paints. Other designs, including badges and logos are also possible. As they may require research or finer detail please Contact Us and we will provide you with a quote.

Inscriptions - 50p extra
Decorated bobbins can also be inscribed with a name, date and/or a personal message. To commemorate the birth of a baby, for example, a bobbin with a 'Teddy' motif can be inscribed with the name and date of birth of the baby. If you choose a floral design, and require a longer inscription, it may be necessary to substitute a style C bobbin for style B.

Inscriptions can also be done on Lemonwood, Maple and Amarello style B,C and H.

Spangling - £1.00 extra (includes an 80p spangle)
All our bobbins, apart from style H, can be spangled ready for use with glass beads in colours to tone with the painted decoration or wood.