Basic Bobbins
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    Basic Birch Bobbins


    From Left to Right:
    Unpolished style B
    Polished style C (with spangle)
    Polished Honiton
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    Basic Spangled Bobbins


    Polished Birch bobbins (style C)
    with a simple glass bead spangle.
    £1.80 each
    10 for £15.00
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    Burnt Patterns


    Polished Birch bobbins (style C & H) decorated with a variety of
    'branded' designs.
    £1.30 each
    £2.30 spangled.
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    **Special Offer** Walnut


    Spangled Walnut style J bobbins
    10 for £24.00
    Save £4.00
    (Whilst stocks last)

Our Basic bobbins are made from Birch wood. They are available either polished or unpolished (Honiton bobbins are only available polished). These bobbins can be purchased individually or in packs and are particularly suited for beginners and for those of you with large lace projects where you need lots of pairs!

We also sell these bobbins ready spangled.

Whilst stocks last we have some spangled Walnut bobbins in our popular style J.

Due to the bulky nature of some packs of these bobbins, there is a single 50p postage supplement to cover additional postal charges.